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New Display – Autism Awareness Month


Additional Resources

The library has many resources available to help students. Here’s a reminder of a few of them!

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New Materials: February 2017

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Spread the Word


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Display – First Nations Politics


Library Services – Citation Help

Check with your instructor for the citation style required for your course. Learn how to cite your sources and avoid plagiarism by using the subject guides listed below.
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New Material: January – Highlights


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February Displays

February is Black History Month


Valentines Day – February 14th


COTRspace – Institutional Repository

About COTRspace

COTRspace is part of Arca, a collaborative project of British Columbia post-secondary institutions to provide anytime, anywhere access to research created at BC post-secondary institutions.  Arca is a province-wide network of digital repositories that:

  • provides access to faculty and student research output across multiple post-secondary institutions via a cross-repository search layer;
  • supports the management of institutional digital assets;
  • showcases BC as a hub for knowledge creation across Canada and around the world.

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