• New Furniture
  • SAGE Trial (trial ends Dec. 11th)
  • Films on Demand (trial ends Dec. 18th)
  • COTRspace Institutional Repository
  • Library Etiquette


New Furniture

The library is finally retiring our old furniture! Come have a seat, take a browse, or use one of our new tables with laptop plugins!



SAGE Trial


  • SAGE Knowledge is the ultimate social sciences digital library for students, researchers, and faculty. With more than 4,200 titles, it includes an expansive range of SAGE and CQ Press eBook and eReference content, including scholarly monographs, reference works, handbooks, series, professional development titles, and more.
  • SAGE Research Methods, Cases, and Datasets
    Use SAGE Research Methods to:
    – Look for information on how to design and conduct a research project
    – Learn new research methods
    – Read case studies from researchers focused on how they chose and   applied their research methods, plus the obstacles and challenges they faced
    – Find downloadable datasets to practice statistical and analytical methods hands-on
  • SAGE Video
    Use SAGE Video to:
    – Show an alternative viewpoint in class
    – Brush up on Statistics and other techniques through tutorial videos
    – Watch research being conducted, for example focus groups in action!

Films on Demand


  • Nursing Video Collection
    This collection is designed not only to help nursing students excel in their studies and pass licensure exams, but also to prepare them for long-term job success in an increasingly complex health care system. It features titles from trusted producers such as Cengage Learning/Concept Media, NEVCO, Wolters Kluwer Health, Institute for Professional Care Education/Medifecta, and others.
  • Business & Economics Video Collection
    In a world of bubbles and busts, extreme poverty and astronomical wealth, rapidly emerging worldwide markets and a digital revolution that is transforming practically everything, few video collections are more crucial to keeping up with changing times. Economic theory, basic business education, accounting and finance fundamentals, business ethics and law, management and marketing—it’s all here, in depth.
  • Can-Core Video Collection
    CAN-CORE is a streaming platform for post-secondary institutions, offering 100% Canadian content.
    CAN-CORE Post-Secondary has been designed for Canadian faculty, university and college students. It’s like no other streaming platform. 100% Canadian-produced content. Thousands of segments & full programs. Featuring quality product from some of Canada’s best producers. Stunning footage unearths our landscape, environment and ecological diversity. Investigative journalism delves into current events. Historically accurate segments explore our colourful heritage, culture and traditions. Medical and health experts examine the latest findings and research.


COTRspace Institutional Repository

COTRspace is designed to promote College of the Rockies scholarship and institutional knowledge. This site is created to help preserve research and other digital assets.We invite you to share this new repository and visit our COTRSpace.


We welcome your contributions and suggestions for additional content. Create your account by selecting “Create new account” on the upper right corner of the page and fill in a username and institutional email address.


Learning Resource Centre Etiquette
(The Library’s Rules)

Food and Drinks in the Library

You are welcome to eat snacks in the Library but NO hot or cold meals. That means keep the hamburgers, fries and sandwiches in the cafeteria or other areas in the College but not the Library. Drinks in covered spill-proof containers are permitted. We ask that everyone help keep the Library clean and odour-free so that it continues to be a great place to study!

Respect Library Spaces and Facilities

Users are responsible for using Library spaces, equipment, furnishings and facilities in a responsible and respectful way. This helps to preserve facilities and ensure a welcoming and clean environment. Users must not place their feet on chairs or tables and must keep spaces neat and tidy.

Study Areas and Study Rooms

The Library has designated ‘group’ and ‘quiet’ spaces. Please respect those studying around you and speak quietly which also applies in the study rooms.

Your Student ID Card is also your Library Card!

Please remember to have your card with you when checking out resources, laptops, study rooms, etc. Your cooperation with this matter is greatly appreciated by the Library Staff.